When there is love there is light,
For we no longer have to fight.

When we let go of what is not ours,
We lighten up and garner more powers.

When we feel the gratitude for Earth,
We get a sense of how much it’s worth.

When there is truth within,
A peaceful energy gives in.

When we find our rhythm of pace,
We can flow and be like grace.

When there is duality and perspective,
A better understanding is gained and is reflective.

When there is understanding and joy,
No longer would we take and destroy.

When we apologize from our heart,
Something bright and new may start.

When there is a balance of harmony and divinity,
A more thoughtful path is created through infinity.

When we feel with our whole heart and soul,
Our body, mind, and spirit is now whole.

When it is no longer about you,
Then others can be seen too.

When we find ourselves in the now,
We can truly live in the moment of wow.

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