“The Light”

As the stream of light fills your essence,
There is an inner feeling of pure peaceful quintessence.

You feel like floating in this heavenly state,
This serene place right in your heart now activate.

A tranquil water-flow of light surrounds you,
Love is the answer so beautifully true.

You smile a big smile to Mother Earth,
Forgiveness is here she answers with mirth.

As the trees sway with the lift,
Like your soul found freedom to drift.

The spirit of God lives within each,
You know this as you reach and reach.

Like a journey of infinity,
You know of your divinity.

It is the real home in which you come from,
It is above, beyond, and within the total sum.

A wholeness that is in our knowing,
Like the formation of the brightest star ongoing.

Like grace we see,
Like angels we are free.

Our moment is now,
To let the light in and allow.

We form unity,
This is our opportunity.

Together we are home,
With light we will roam.

As this holy light will fill our souls,
The truth of love will align our goals.

From my light I shine,
From my heart I align.

I let the light free,
I am here to be.

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