Such joy one could feel with persistence,
Bring that feeling into your existence.

Such happiness one could experience through the heart,
Reach for that energy within your soul to restart.

Such love one could find and keep forever,
Keep it near and dear and spread love whenever.

Such abundance one could be surrounded by,
Float through a heavenly state then fly.

Such peace one could achieve and hold onto,
A feeling of calmness can form too.

Such blessing one could gift to others,
A gift of helping your sisters and brothers.

Such beauty one could see and receive,
Like a beautiful mountain you may perceive.

Such light one could hold in the heart space,
You would imagine it came out of grace.

Such friendship one could share with a loved one,
A touch or a hug will go farther than any sun.

Such excitement one could find all throughout,
Following your passion which leads to your sacred route.

Such divinity one could remember and call,
To discover a connection to it all.

Such prayer one could make,
To close your eyes and awake.

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