“Song of Angels”

For infinite years we search and search,
But do not see the holy truth emerge.

When we open our heart and let Angels guide,
We feel our soul connect with God inside.

God’s Angels are here to help guide us right,
They are eternal beings of pure light.

They teach of love so timeless and true,
They soar everywhere with us if we knew.

We give our hand to a loving Angel today,
Such a warm feeling reminding us to just play.

All our forgotten dreams of the past,
Can all be freed from us at last.

We feel like flying with wings of gratitude,
A thankful heart has been lovingly imbued.

Now that we can see so clearly,
We know that we are loved so dearly.

Mother Earth is our beautiful home,
We love her sweet honeycomb.

We treat her with compassion and care,
She has always given us everything to share.

Jesus walked upon her once upon a time,
Teaching us to love one another in our lifetime.

He taught us how we are connected to God’s Land.
He devoted his whole life for us to understand.

Now it is our time to gloriously shine,
For we can be with Jesus consciousness and align.

Like all the love beings of our Universe,
We can truly feel this light and deeply immerse.

The golden light is within us now,
We have awakened and with peace we allow.

This illuminating blessing,
Is what we can always be expressing.

With our light the whole world heals,
The God within us slowly reveals.

We are the light ones that we call,
We are connected to the Cosmic All.

We are the air that we take,
We are the creation that we make.

We are all apart of this glory,
This is our loving story.

We love our world and each,
Forever our love will grow and reach.

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