When you close your eyes of view,
Everything disappears around you.

The song of heart starts slowly playing,
You clasp your hands together to begin praying.

The whole world stands completely still,
You transmute unwanted energy by will.

At this moment you encompass all,
All duality is at a fall.

It is just you alone with God,
You realize that you were never flawed.

The peace is increasingly here and now,
You can not help but to allow.

It takes over and you let love in,
Love reaches places you’ve never been.

You are engulfed in a beautiful surrender,
As you feel every bit of love so tender.

You are peace today,
Your as light which does not weigh.

Everything is lifted,
Your conscious understanding shifted.

You float above the skies,
You have seen your light rise.

So bright and wonderful life is today,
The love you see in every ray.

The colors are shining through you,
And now is surrounding you too.

The glow so abundant in its expression,
Everything forgotten it did refreshen.

A knowing came about,
Like a seed about to sprout.

A feeling of gratitude gently nudges you,
Tells you something you already knew.

That a pure heart knows no hate,
To forgive all is truly great.

Gratitude transforms into a completed state,
There is time for it is never too late.

So tranquil you do feel,
How beautiful and real.

Love is all you need,
It starts with planting just a seed.

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