“Love Is“

This feeling of pure love is internal,
Like we have honed into something external.

We have brought back a magical power,
As great as the multi-verse and as light as a flower.

For love is the strongest and yet is so gentle,
It is like a forming star and a growing elemental.

The wind can carry this wondrous force,
For the breath is connected to source.

It can be right here and right there,
You can say this could be anywhere.

No matter if we can not see it right away,
We can always tap into love day by day.

Love and light are always and forever with you,
You would smile with your whole heart if you knew.

Arc angels, guides, and angels are here when you call,
Like a transmission into the all.

Love is a connection to a higher space,
It’s way above and always within your embrace.

It flows like a river through Mother Earth,
It is with us through timeless birth.

It can be the answer to many questions,
It can give us hints and suggestions.

Like a lightening it strikes and is gentle and kind,
It’s a wish upon a star for all of mankind.

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