“Let us Shine”

Let us shine,
Through all our time.

Let the light,
Not be defined.

With the light comes the love of infinity.
And the love connects our divine affinity.

The connection to our holy,
Fills our heart so slowly.

The glory of God’s sunshine,
Will always be yours and mine.

As this loving light lives on,
The lower energies begone.

There is an uplifting shift of mind,
The conscious will not be confined.

The true freeing of yourself,
Having God within oneself.

A warm knowing lifts your smile,
Your peaceful state so worthwhile.

The power of love will spread to all,
With the help of celestial Angels whom you call.

With your timeless journey you carry on forevermore,
Finding pebbles of love someone left by the cosmic shore.

We can also leave pebbles of love for others,
Love is always needed for our sisters and brothers.

To know of love within your soul,
To shine your glorious light for the conscious whole.

To be as free as you can be,
Just shining for all to see.

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