“Inner Child”

I am a child,
I am running so wild.

I look up and see the sun,
I am so excited to have some fun.

The grass beneath my toes feel wet,
There is a lady bug I want to get.

I spin around and around,
As I hear a lovely bird make a sound.

My smile is pure,
Joy is my cure.

There is a beautiful butterfly,
Wait for me I want to try.

The way you flap your wings,
I want to do so many things.

That patch of dirt needs some company,
I can hear the planet playing it’s symphony.

I step upon this sandy dirt and laugh and play,
It always makes me feel grounded so I stay.

Now the sun is waving at me,
I will wave back so the sunshine can see.

When I grow up and I am older,
I promise not to forget my beholder.

I will always remember what you gave,
With air, water, dirt, and fire I am brave.

And now that I grew,
I promised to come back to you.

I am here my beloved Mother Earth,
I touch you and truly know your worth.

The wonders that surround this diverse land,
Forever I will respect the delicate flower so grand.

You gave me all I ever needed,
Now my inner child can be seeded.

I will feel the glory of this seed about to sprout,
It will grow and grow through every route.

It will get stronger and transform into its purest state,
It will help me shake off my unwanted weight.

This golden flower has now fully grown,
It’s divinity it now has shown.

I take this golden flower from above,
Through its majesty is shines with love.

It reminds me to keep my inner child alive,
To come to Mother Earth, smile, and thrive.

Thank you for the joy you have freely given me,
I look upon with wisdom and right then I see.

With eyes wide open I can see a beautiful creation,
From the glorious mountains to a crystals formation.

As my inner child comes out,
I forget and go about,

And there is that same butterfly,
Wait for me I want to try.

I will take off my shoes,
It is the Earth I choose.

Now I am my inner child,
And the sun has waived and smiled.

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