"Glorious love"

The glory of you here today,
Is the God energy at play.

You are here for a reason right now,
The light force which did endow.

At this time and space you simply are,
Your expression so beautifully unique by far.

You are so much more than you know,
Expanding throughout millennia in the afterglow.

Shine your holiness within,
Ask your heart how it has been.

Meditating on your heart center,
All the majestic worlds you may enter.

You are God’s creative sunshine,
Bring joy to the world which you can redesign.

Create a mesmerizing moment in time,
With love you bring a harmonious paradigm.

Like paradise captured in the hour,
Bring that loving spirit back in your power.

The lesson is love,
Which you are always worthy of.

To truly love and forgive,
Forget, and let go, so you can give.

An open heart that your Angels protect,
A loving balance to share and to connect.

Spread light right here in this moment,
Purity is your souls component.

You are a true blessing,
A pure form of God expressing.

Wake up to your heart,
To truly feel your souls art.

The power of love is up to you,
Tap into this powerful sense and renew.

Following the rhythm of loves tune,
Listen with your heart to harmoniously attune.

Once you are in this loving place,
You are home with God’s grace.

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