CanProg (Canada) - Jul 12

Once more Steve Cochrane has created a masterpiece of progressive music. The title is quite literal – variations on `la la la' can be heard throughout the album, and on every track. It is not only on a happy song, but a very, very hopeful one. The music is beautifully played, of course – exactly as we have come to expect from Steve. The guitar work is especially powerful – much as Steve Howe's work in Yes, although Steve Cochrane has a style quite different (and unique!) from Mr. Howe.
This album is the loveliest, most powerful work I have heard in years. I can't tell you how long it's been since I have heard a new album that moved me to tears of joy; that has touched me as deeply as this one has. A spiritual and emotional tour-de-force, there is nothing like it being done today. This is what Yes should be doing, and probably would be doing if Jon Anderson was still in the band. What is amazing is that Steve Cochrane, literally, does it better. The playing is brilliant, and the message is so powerful it takes the breath away. The song `Just Clouds` alone should be standard listening for manic depressives the world over. The whole album is a testament to the joy and hope that still lives in the doom-and-gloom message of the world`s media.
Steve Cochrane`s music is an utter joy to listen to. I have to admit, I didn`t think he could surpass his last magnificent work `With Or Without`, but he has done so. The brilliance of the concept is amazing in its simplicity, and the execution is delightful. I am going to enjoy this one for years to come! Already it is the most played album on my iPod. By the way, headphones are a must! The album comes alive when it`s right inside your head! It is an aural delight; it is a painting for your ears.
Don't be surprised, though, if you find yourself singing variations on `la la la' to yourself. I'm doing it right now!
Just one point, though. How are you ever going to top this one, Steve?

Reviewed by Doug Leblanc (CanProg moderator)