Unger's Wonderful World of Progressive Rock (Canada) - Dec 07

One must always respect a musician who is capable of shifting both mood and melody from album to album and this is exactly what Steve has achieved here. "With or Without" is a compelling and profound album on which Steve takes us on a progressive and interpersonal voyage into the sea of his mind.

This time out Steve mixes a lot more instrumental aspects into his music and creates some great new atmospheres and clearly has recorded here some of his best and most creative music ever. Highlights for me include the instrumental Hackett'esque "Vintervagen" and the expansive musical soliloquy aptly titled "Swans". Steve is also assisted on this album by Ken Baird who adds some great Keyboard work.

On "With or Without" Steve has clearly not tried to record a prototypical progressive rock album or get caught up in the prog cliches, but instead has created an honest sounding and more natural album that clearly shows a more mature and other side of his creativity.

Reviewed by James Unger