- The songs ebb and flow, building in intensity and then relaxing, the acoustic guitar providing lots of room for the music to breathe... full review
Unger's Wonderful World of Progressive Rock - honest sounding and more natural album that clearly shows a more mature and other side of his creativity. full review
CanProg - I can't help but love this one. It reminds me of why I love prog music so much in the first place.
full review
Progressive Newsletter - Amid some numbers that are whimsical (but in no way dull, easy listening pieces), we find calm, reflective images. The album is a balance of intensity and quiet created by acoustic guitar. full review
Terra Incognita - a beautiful evolution. ...intimate charm that stands out as the most personal record of the author.
full review
Toronto Sun - Some musicians try to write hits. Others try to create art. It's easy to see which group singer-songwriter and guitarist Cochrane belongs to. full review
Progression - ...embellished by delicate electric guitar passages and layers of keyboards creating a unique brand of symphonic folk-rock.. full review