CanProg (Canada) - Apr 08

Never in all my life have I had a more difficult time with writing a review than I have had with this
album. There are several reasons; one is that I simply can't make up my mind about it. In truth the only negative thing I can say about it is that Steve Cochrane is NOT the greatest since Rembrandt. Sorry, Steve.

So, what can I say about it? Those used to Steve's older works will be surprised by this one. In other albums he sounds like Yes, with a few other grand prog masters thrown in for good measure. On 'With Or Without' he doesn't sound like that at all. Here he sounds like Steve Cochrane. Yes, he has developed his own style, his own sound and his own way of doing things. This album is nothing short of magnificent! Every song takes on a life of its own. Every time I think I have a song pegged as a favourite, I hear 'Vintergarden', or 'Remember', or 'Abandon Ship' again, and I have another favourite song! All of them are incredible, all of them sing in the soul, all of them resonate throughout my being.

All I can really add is that if you don't own this album, GET IT! You could pay a hundred dollars for this, and it would be worth every penny. Now, admittedly, I am a bit prejudiced here because Steve had allowed me the honour of listening to earlier versions of it,so basically I've watched it grow into the masterpiece it is. That notwithstanding, I can't help but love this one. It reminds me of why I love prog music so much in the first place.

Steve took a long time making this album, and it deserves to be listened to repeatedly. Every journey in is a new adventure in music. Now, my apologies, but 'Swans' is coming on, and I can't do something else while I listen to that marvelous song!

Reviewed by Doug Leblanc (CanProg moderator)