Is the child still alive in your heart?
That joyful soul that stirred at every sight
And left no stone unturned
Can you still see the world through his eyes?
Searching for beauty to find it in truth
A world of dreams coming true on this earth

What happened along the way?
You were innocent on that wondrous day
Then with no warning
The clear bright colours had turned to grey
The verdict pronounced on every face:

“Guilty as charged
Join the human race”

Imagine yourself in a world
Where life is like this music
Shining light upon the best within us
To the glory of Man
To the possible hero inside us

Oh - To See It Made Real
The promise of the music
The image of the ideal

It’s time to rise, I open my eyes
And my hopeful heart takes wing
My room is so bright, bathed in light
And it makes me want to sing

I leap from my bed and fill my head
With the promises today might bring
So much to do, an adventure or two
And it makes me want to sing

There are some who would say
That the future of our world lies
In the shadow of a big, black cloud
But I see the sun breaking free
Breaking through
And I want to sing out loud
I want to sing out loud

So, I write down some words
Then I greet the birds
And think maybe they can sing along
So I hum them my tune and by afternoon
We’ve created a magical song

Now on with the day
One question if I may
Where does it go from here?
Do I keep it inside, just let it hide?
Or do I spread it ‘round the world
Far and near

People, gather round to hear my sound
There’s a story I want to share
A time and a place
For the whole human race
Where all troubles fly off in the air

So away with your fear
Sing loud and clear
And welcome the joy it will bring
This joy I have found is all around
And it makes me want to sing

*Though an instrumental track on the
album, I wrote these lyrics in order to guide
the process of creating the melody and
arrangement. When my friend Mary Dube
first heard it, her exact words to me were
"I hate you". Subsequently, I rearranged
the song and her version of it (with vocals)
appears on the children's album 'In All of
the World' by Mary & Magic.