Heroes awaken
Your time has come
The dawning of a golden age
Reason is the rising sun

Music is bursting
Upon the new day
Fanfare to the best within us
Calling out to guide the way

Awake from the souls
Of common men
Whose vision slowly narrowed
On a night of elusive end

A night full of fear
In all shapes and forms
The strangling of youthful spirit
The hidden rage of inner storms

Awake from the dream
Of a world unknown
A world of clearer pathways
A glowing city - A hero's home

Recall the dream
In morning's light
Convince yourself it can be real
And build the world you know is right

Awaken with music
One spirit's plan
A shining beacon - A dedication
To the glory of Man
*Although Heroes Awaken is an instrumental piece, I wrote this poem in order to crystalize
an image in my mind of what the music should say. These words were in fact a guiding light for the entire album.